For sometime now, I feel like I’ve been the Town Crier.

I’ve gone into the trenches of Motherhood, and heard what women are saying. 

I’ve read their stories, I’ve shared my own. 

I’ve held the space as they cried the minute they introduced themself.

I’ve gathered thousands of them together to explore what we really need. 

I know what’s happening to women as they try to navigate motherhood and life… and it’s time I cried out.

We need a better way. 

And matrescence is the map to navigate us there.  

We are meant to have stories of becoming as guideposts on our mothering journey.

We’re meant to be inspired and comforted by the stories of other women’s lives and experience.

We’re meant to tell the truth about the emotional cost of mothering and who bears it... and what we can do about it.

Here are some of those stories, both my own and others, to ignite the change we all crave.



Mama, coach and yoga teacher Claire Obeid shares how we can nurture our relationship when parenting feels all consuming.

One thing’s for sure: it will never be the same again.
That bubble of just the two of you is gone forever, as one baby, and then maybe another and another, are added to your life.

It’s a beautiful thing – and a whole new beginning.
But as the new family continues to grow over the years, how do you ensure you keep something for the two of you? How do you nurture the changing relationship, in the midst of parenting?

Mama to two (three year old Soleil and, as of the time of writing this, a new baby now one week overdue and waiting to enter this world!), meditation teacher and coach, Claire Obeid beautifully reflects here on how her marriage has evolved since that first baby arrived, and how she’s learning to reframe what a long term relationship looks like.

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We are healing ourselves so our children may heal the world.

Sometimes, in the early hours of the morning as I sneak into my lounge-room and sit for my morning practice, I am overcome with a sense of the role of mamas in this world right now.
It washes over me, like a wave, and I see – I mean, really SEE – who we are, and what we are being called to do.

I see a tribe of women awakening. I see the growing pains of a generation that is changing the course of the world through their own inner changes. I see how the pressure we feel to try and hold the space for everyone else is causing us to crack, and with that, we are beginning to rise up.

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While talk of self-care and prioritising yourself as a mama is important, it’s self-enquiry that our children really need from us.

It starts with survival.

When they are first born, our biological brain kicks in and the need to just keep them alive, feeding and healthy is all our brains can handle. We get through the best we can (some of us better than others), but in those early days, weeks and months, the simple act of keeping our little ones alive and safe is all we need to do.

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