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Returning Home was created out of a deep need to gather women together in a time of great divide and isolation.


It was born out of the knowing that the only way to move through profound transformation - whether global or personal - was to come together.


Women heal women.


And we’re not meant to do this alone.


What emerged from this four week process of Returning Home was greater than I ever expected... 

Women rose up to share their own strengths. 


Mamas bravely healed old stories and faced untruths about who they really were. 


Mothers let go of the addiction to busyness, the need to be perfect, the pressure to get this right. 


We simplified.

We remembered.


We found that returning home was more than just a description of our isolation right now...


it was a reminder that within us, we are home.

But we’re not done yet.


Returning Home: a motherhood village

A 6-month membership to continue to return home within our village.

One payment x $288
24 weekly payments x $12

This isn’t just about a global pandemic - 


This is about how we value motherhood.



This is about how we divide the responsibilities within a home... 


and the deep lack of understanding and acknowledgement of the emotional labour of motherhood.



It’s about finding our voice, and our strength. 


A new strength, that doesn’t require massive self sacrifice. 



6 months of the village you need

6 months of insights and support. 


Whether the economy returns to normal, whether life returns to normal… 


We will not. 


We refuse to. 


Because it's time for a NEW NORMAL.


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To discover who she is, a woman must descend into her own depths. She must leave the safe role of remaining a faithful daughter of the collectives around her and descend to her individual feeling values…

To discover who she is, a woman must trust the places of darkness where she can meet her own deepest nature and give it voice… weaving the threads of her life into a fabric to be named and given… sharing it with the women around her as she comes to a true and certain sense of herself.”

- Circle of Stones

And this is what we will do, together: 


As a mother. 


As a woman. 


In our village. 

For the remainder of 2020, you are invited to continue this exploration and deeply supported experience of Returning Home through four stages of transformation:


May 2020

Let’s use this pause in time to go deeper. We’ve seen ourselves and those around us clearly, we’ve uncovered the patterns and beliefs that were lurking underneath. 

Now, in the deeply supported village we have found, we look within even more.

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June 2020

Can we honour what we find? Can we get to know ourselves, in the deepest way? Understand the role of mother without external jugement? Explore and accept our true selves? 

Can we honour our anger, our overwhelm, and see it for what it really is?

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August 2020

We’ve seen ourselves clearly, now we embrace it.

We find our strengths and our softness, and learn how to embrace it all.

Finally free from comparison, finally able to welcome in all parts of ourselves.

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September 2020

And then we rise.

The purpose of it all - this year, this time in history, this moment in your motherhood journey - all of it meant to propel you into who you are.

And together, as a village, we raise each other up.

Within each stage, we will follow a similar formula:

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Combining kundalini yoga, song, and breath, this is your daily commitment, without the pressure to be perfect.

A recording of each week’s meditation will be uploaded into your library, so you have the freedom to practice on your own or join the group live for 4 weeks each module.

If you are outside of the Australian timezone, you may join one of the mama groups who are gathering in their own time zones to practice together.

Another divine example of how powerful this community is.

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A round table, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is a gathering “where people meet and talk in conditions of equality.” And in our community, we are all equal. 

I will invite in two women for each stage of our experience, women who I know to be able to guide us to understand this time, ourselves, motherhood and womanhood more. World leaders, authors, yoga teachers and healers, this is the knowledge we should have been given.


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Every week, I will facilitate and guide you, opening you up with questions you may not have considered, and answers that will lead you to a deeper understanding.

This is your chance to listen, and share. To support the others, and to receive great support.

These women’s circles use both my many years as an award-winning coach and researcher, as well as the power of women supporting women.

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This is your library, your database of rituals, meditations, guides and recipes.

Including interviews and ebooks, you will continue to build your knowledge of the ways of women through mindset, ritual, essential oils, ancient practices and healing routines.

Part book club, part meditation library, and easily accessed via an app on your phone. 


And The Village: 


This is not a program you need to complete, and I am not your teacher.

I am merely the gatherer of women, and of wisdom.

I bring together everyone who needs to be here, and allow you to experience the gift of community.

In our closed Facebook group, you will have access to yoga classes, weekly ritualshealing practices and deep knowledge from our community.


These women are the backbone of this space.


They are what makes it work.

Read, join, learn - and share when and if you’re ready.


All are welcome. 

Just as matrescence asks us to strip bare the old identity, and find a new, empowered one, so too is this time in our world. 

We can not hold our breath through this isolation and fear, simply waiting for the time to come back up for air and return to who we were. 


We can’t do that anymore. 


There is a transition and a transformation that is happening within you that has been ignored and suppressed for too long. 


Let’s take what we’ve done here, and continue it. 

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Running from 11th May to 25th October, 2020. 


So when the world emerges from this pandemic, we will ensure "she returns to the world changed." 


One payment x $288
24 weekly payments x $12

Looking back... 


we will see that this was the turning point. 


This was the time we finally dropped all the busy-ness and comparison, and came together as ONE. 


As women, and as mamas. 


And we will see that this was what we were meant to do all along.