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Ep #129 - SPECIAL CALMCAST: We are Being Remade with Beth Berry

podcast Mar 25, 2020


These are uncertain times... but there are answers for us, mamas.
There may not be answers for when this will be over, and what the greater effect will be, but there are answers that can bring peace, hope, and resilience.

For the coming weeks, and as long as we all need it, I am going to be increasing the Happy Mama Movement Podcast to three times a week, bringing you content that will inspire you, reassure you, and give you ideas and support.
Think of it as a pop-up radio station, especially made for mamas with children young children during the COVID-19 pandemic.
They will be known as the CALMCAST episodes.

Today, I am bringing you an interview with Beth Berry, creator of Revolution from Home and mama to four girls. When this pandemic become known, Beth was one of the first mamas I thought of - because surely if we ever needed a revolution from home, this is the time.

In this episode, Beth shares her views of what's happening, and how we can care for ourselves as mamas during this time. Her calm approach, and her insight into honouring the mess of it all right now, was soothing to my soul - I hope it is for you too.

You can find more of Beth's resources and inspirations at Revolution from Home.

And if you would like more support, more community, live meditations and classes to support you through this time, please take a look at my pop-up membership, Returning Home.

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